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UNICO COMMODITIES LLC (the website's editor, which also includes any of the persons involved in the set up and/or operation of the website; hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Editor") controls and intends to keep the website (which includes any of its webpages) up to date. The Editor does not guarantee the accuracy, comprehensiveness or quality of the information on the website. No content on the website may be interpreted as an offer or promise to contract. The Editor reserves the right to modify, add to and cancel individual pages or the whole content of the website without any notice, as well as to suspend any access to the website temporarily or definitively.

The Editor shall not be responsible for any third party content on the website (e.g. in the guestbook, forum, discussion or any similar platform), as applicable.

Any user or visitor of the website (the "User") will be solely responsible in case of implementation of any process resulting in downloading any information or content from the website. See also Section 3 below in connection with intellectual property rights.

By visiting the webpage, the User accepts the provisions set out in this legal notice.


The Editor is not responsible for the content of any other web page referred to (through an hyperlink or in any other manner), directly or indirectly, on the website.


The content and structure of the website are protected by copyright. Any reproduction or use of the content, which includes in particular graphics, sound recording, photography, films, video and/or text, irrespective or its form or support, is not allowed without prior written permission of the Editor.


Compliance with applicable data protection regulations is of the utmost importance for the Editor. Accordingly, the Editor shall take the appropriate measures to ensure that any personal data processing in connection with the website shall occur in strict compliance with such applicable data protection regulations. through the website.


The website may use on any webpage the Facebook social network plug-in, which is operated by Facebook Inc. ("Facebook"), or any other plug-in operated by third parties (any of them, including Facebook, being referred to as the "Third Party Plug-In Operator") for social networking purposes. The User will recognize the relevant plug-in (such as Facebook plug-in) thanks to the relevant logo (e.g. Facebook logo, being a white “f” on a blue “square” or a white thumb) or a characteristic plug-in sign.

Upon request, the Editor will provide additional information in connection with plug-in use, in particular about lists and aspects. For general information purposes, if the User visits a website, as the case may be the Editor's website, with a plug-in, such as the Facebook plug-in, the User's browser connects directly with the Third Party Plug-In Operator host, such as the Facebook host. The plug-in content will be transferred from the Third Party Plug-In Operator to the User's host and from the User's browser to the website. The Editor does not have any influence on this unique process, as well as on the information that the Third Party Plug-In Operator collects. In general, without any liability, the Editor has been advised that any webpage with plug-in collects all information about the visited pages and when the User connects to the Third Party Plug-In Operator, such as Facebook, then the Third Party Plug-In Operator can add the visited pages on the User's account. As an example, applicable to Facebook, if the User activates the plug-in by liking the webpage, or if the User leaves a comment, such information will be transferred directly from the User's host to the Facebook host and will be saved on Facebook. If the User is not a Facebook member, there is still some possibility that Facebook records the User's IP address.

The User may also get additional information from the relevant Third Party Plug-In Operator webpages, in particular in connection with data protection and the User's rights.

The User may also consider the possibility to be disconnected from any Third Party Plug-In Operator account when visiting the website operated by the Editor and/or to block plug-ins with the relevant software extension, such as the Facebook blocker.


The Editor shall use the personal data disclosed by the User exclusively in accordance with the purposes reported by the Editor to the User.

Personal data disclosed by the User shall not be disclosed to any third party without he approval of the User.

Applicable regulation in connection with data storage and deletion as well as mandatory disclosure of personal data may apply.


The User may revoke the agreement about personal data processing at any time, by contacting the Editor, subject to the satisfaction of the relevant identification requirements.


The Editor takes all necessary measures to avoid that the Editor's personal data backup is released to third parties.

As a general principle, e-mail communication implies an exposure to significant security risks and the Editor will not assume any liability or whatsoever in connection with e-mail communication or any other communication which does not allow a confirmation of the relevant person involved in such communication and/or the accuracy of the content.

The Editor does not guarantee complete data security under any circumstances.

The Editor recommends that any communication involving the Editor occurs in a manner excluding any security risks, in particular for identification and/or accuracy purposes.


The website operated by the Editor may use cookies, as commonly used on any webpages. The website may include persistent and/or session cookies, as specified hereafter.

When visiting the webpage, the User is requested to confirm the approval of the use of cookies.

The Editor reserves the right to make any changes to its policy concerning the use of cookies. The continued access to the website and the corresponding approval of the cookies by the User shall also apply to any such changes.

For general information purposes, cookies are files containing small amounts of information which are downloaded to the device that the User uses when visit a website, such as the Editor's website, as applicable from time to time.

The Editor intends to use the information contained in the cookies to recognize the User's device when visiting the website, to improve the website usability, to allow the User to share webpages such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter and to further analyze the use of the website (including for statistical analysis).

The Editor may use persistent cookies or session cookies. They work in a similar way, but have minor differences.

Persistent cookies remain on the User's device after the User has closed the browser and allow a website to remember the User's actions and preferences. They are stored by the browser and remain valid until their set expiry date (unless the User deletes them before such expiry date).

The Editor may use persistent cookies in a few ways, for example, to make it easier for the User to log into any platform available on the website, as applicable, and for the Editor to recognize and warn the User if a new login occurs from a new machine (that has no Editor's cookie on it). The Editor may also use persistent cookies to allow the Editor to analyze visits to the website, for the ultimate purpose of understanding of how Users arrive at and use the website and improve Internet search results.

Session cookies last only for the duration of the User's visit and are deleted when the User closes the browser. They facilitate tasks such as allowing a website to identify that a user of a particular device is navigating from page to page, supporting website security or basic functionality.

In principle, most of the cookies used by the Editor on the website are session cookies. For example, they help us to improve the security of any session and keep the User signed in to the relevant User account, as applicable, while moving between functions and pages.

Unless otherwise specified, the Editor may use any third party cookies.

Any data collected through the use of cookies is anonymized and no individual tracking occurs.

The User may block or restrict cookies set by the website through the browser settings on each device used by the User to access the Internet. However, blocking or restriction of cookies is expected to cause significant disruption in the use of the website, which would not operate in a suitable manner or not operate at all.


Any relations deriving from the use of the website by the User shall be exclusively submitted to American law.

Any disputes between a User and the Editor shall be submitted to the exclusive competence of the ordinary Courts of Texas, America.